Friday, March 9, 2012

Bell 1003550

Customer review for Bell E-Z Trainer Wheels. Installation is easy: adjust the wheel nuts, slip the hooks over the axles, and you're ready to go riding! The coiled design lets the bicycle lean slightly during turns. Help your little one learn to ride with the Bell® Bell 1003550 E-Z Trainer™ training wheels Easy to install Fits bikes 12-Inch to 20-Inch ... More details from amazon »

Bell 1003550 Review: Bell E-Z Trainer Wheels. A simple but profound idea - make the training wheel bracket out of a torsion spring.Stiff enough to act as a support, but allowing some flexing for bumps and turns.A couple dollars more than the conventional type, but worth it. 12 ... Full reviews at amazon »

1003550 Bell Price: Check price at amazon »

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