Friday, March 9, 2012

Soundcast SOU-OCJ410

Shop Soundcast SOU-OCJ410 OutCast JR Wireless Speaker. Wireless outdoor speaker system includes 2.4GHz transmitter, 110-volt connecting Soundcast SOU-OCJ410 cable, 12-volt NiMH battery for up to 6 hours operation, weather resistant enclosure, includes offboard charger and 12V adapter: fits 3G and up iPods, Note: this product ships without a transmitter, it operates only with either Soundcast's iCast transmitter (ICTXXX) or UAT transmitter (UATXXX). Receives signals up to 350 feet outdoors Features control buttons for play/pause and track forward/ back for remote iPod operation ... More details from amazon »

Soundcast SOU-OCJ410 Review: Soundcast SOU-OCJ410 OutCast JR Wireless Speaker. I recently bought the Outcast Junior and am very happy with the unit. After waiting for the battery to charge up, I turned it on and put my IPhone into a ICT111 wireless transmitter and WOW! The sound was very good and filled the large room. And very easy to set up, no complicated pairing or programming.When I use it outside, I can not really crank it up because it is too loud for my neighborhood. Even when I crank it, the sound remains good with ... Full reviews at amazon »

SOU-OCJ410 Soundcast Price: Check price at amazon »

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