Friday, March 9, 2012

Denso 4711537

Shop online Denso 471-1537 New Compressor with Clutch. These products bring together everything DENSO knows as an air conditioning systems manufacturer to bring you the highest quality line of remanufactured and factory new A/C compressors available.New or Remanufactured, The Same High Standard When it comes to remanufactured product, you can't do better than going with a unit remanufactured by the OE supplier Superior Air Conditioning Components: DENSO is the world's largest supplier of A/C compressors, clutches and components The DENSO First Denso 4711537 Time Fit aftermarket line of compressors, clutches, receiver/driers and expansion valves is the result of over 30 years of engineering know-how ... More details from amazon »

Denso 4711537 Review: Denso 471-1537 New Compressor with Clutch. Intermittently the compressor clutch would not engage on my 2003 Accord EXL V6. I suspected it may be because of the R-134a refrigerant getting marginally low. Not having access to the digital scanning equipment that the Honda dealer has, I took the car to the dealer for diagnosis. Turns out the R-134a was OK but the compressor clutch coil was not engaging the clutch even though it had system voltage supplying it. The tech said that clutch coil failure is a COMMON PROBLEM with this compressor. The dealer wanted $1200 ... Full reviews at amazon »

4711537 Denso Price: Check price at amazon »

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