Friday, March 9, 2012

Kyocera PS-180 BK

Best deal for Kyocera 7-Inch Revolution Sushi Knife, Black Blade. This sushi knife is a great tool for the home Kyocera PS-180 BK chef to use for slicing of long pieces of fish and vegetables The advanced ceramic blade is also chemically inert, so no transfer of taste or smell and it will never rust See package insert for instructions. Ultra-sharp long life blade - holds its edge much longer than steel; Lightweight and easy to use Use on a wood or plastic cutting board ... More details from amazon »

Kyocera PS-180 BK Review: Kyocera 7-Inch Revolution Sushi Knife, Black Blade. Everyone knows that a sharp knife is the best sort of knife, and a single edged sushi knife like this one, in steel, would be sharpened on a daily basis by a chef and weekly for home use. If you don't do that, then this might be the knife for you. It's ceramic, stay sharp for much longer than a steel blade, and then can be shipped back for free resharpening. It's not a cheap knife, but it is a sharp one and it should last a lifetime. Add in ... Full reviews at amazon »

PS-180 BK Kyocera Price: Check price at amazon »

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