Friday, March 9, 2012

CSM - Stop Motion's Champ

The Cellar Stop Motion Car Show is back with all new models! Can you feel what the Traveler has created? ------------------ Electrified By JGTraveler [Verse 1] Ya bettuh... watch yourself thinkin? I'm justa puny rat Many have gotten with this, but you don't seem ta be gettin' wit that Forget all who oppose! Those in favor, adjust your hat Check the many styles I have and agree it's phat They say... Rap is crap and is beyond redemption But long time ago it had a clean beginnin' Those who don't care you know will always be trippin' Instead of making history, they resort to hatin' [Chorus] So stop right there and check my swag Dis brotha right here gotta brand new bag With the lyrics that's never ever gonna be on Lag cuz I'm the elite of the elite in this game of lazer tag! Time for me to change how you look at music Piece these verses together like you would a mosaic Gonna set your head straight... no more nostalgia Unlike the industry saturated with it all around ya! [Verse 2] Gonna put all this negativity aside i'm always inventin' a whole new rhyme This style is mine, HATERS, stand in line behind Those who think like you do, and serve your time They've already been schooled but they never learn anyday! If they don't change their ways, What more is there to say? Except get out da way and up out my face! I'm done with you cuz ya such an ugly disgrace! [Chorus 2x] [Ending] Gonna take to another level cuz I'm electrified! Gonna take to another level cuz I'm electrified ...

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